At Little Tree we are always on the look out for ‘one off’ items that we could adapt and transform into a single item or full range of furniture, according to our customers requests. We have access to individual unique items from across... More >


... the globe, including many items from Britain’s colonial days around the world. We have in particular beautiful trunks/chests, old fashioned solid Oak and Teak furniture, ornaments, rocking chairs, iron fire pits, old fortress doors, all the way through to reclaimed iron gates and 1930’s cinema seats just to name a few items!

We have attached a selection of photos of items that are unique, individual ‘one off’ pieces.  If you see something that interests you and you would like something similar that is currently not in stock we will endeavour to find something similar for you.  Alternatively if you have a style in mind, or an idea of a particular item you would like, we can contact our suppliers from around the world to try and locate such items.  Please give us a call to discuss.