• 7 Ways to care for your (Little Tree) Furniture

  • We all know the importance of looking after ourselves by eating healthy, drinking plenty of wine water and exercising. But we’re not the only one who needs looking after. Your furniture needs some TLC too! And it’s simple, just follow the guidelines we’ve set out below to give your furniture the love and attention it deserves.


    We know guidelines and “how to” lists may not be the most fun things to stick to, however you will be rewarded with a lovely piece of furniture that is happy and healthy if you follow these simple steps:

    ♥ I’m sure you know that wood is a natural product, but did you know this will affect your furniture even after the wood has been transformed into that piece of furniture? Even after it has been made into that lovely sideboard, table or you name it, the wood can still expand slightly, which in some cases can cause it to crack. But don’t worry, we tell you how to minimise these chances!

    ♥ The wood is affected by extreme changes in temperature, so avoid placing your item in a room that may experience extreme temperature or humidity changes, as this can cause timber movement and cracking.

    ♥ Where possible, always try to protect your furniture from strong or prolonged sunlight. As with us, it is not good if it is in direct sunlight for too long without any protection.


    ♥ Try to avoid placing your furniture too near heat sources such as radiators or air conditioning units.

    ♥ Uneven floors can sometimes give the impression that doors of wardrobes or sideboards are askew. You can easily fix this by levelling the item using a small wedge.

    ♥ As you may know, we only use reclaimed wood and recycled steel to create our products. We try to preserve as much of the original features of the wood as possible. The colours, markings and grain patterns can therefore vary from item to item. In some furniture you may also see some old nail holes too.

    ♥ Most of our furniture gets delivered fully assembled, but some of our benches and tables come in two parts. Where provided, please always follow the fitting instructions and take care not to tighten any bolts too much.

    Finally, enjoy your furniture and love its individuality and history. The furniture travelled a long way to get to you. In some cases, the wood we use can be up to a hundred years old. Just imagine when you’re that old, you’ll probably need a little TLC yourself…