• Colour sale starts 25th of March!

  • We’re welcoming spring with all its beautiful colours, longer brighter days and warmer weather with a sale! Head to our website to view all our furniture, from the bright and colourful Mary Rose range to the stylish industrial Hyatt range.


    Our friends and colleagues in India are celebrating Holi this week. Holi is a spring festival, you may have heard of it as the festival of colours or the festival of sharing love. Holi marks the arrival of spring and it is a time for people to get together and enjoy themselves with friends, family and the community.

    At Little Tree Furniture we are so excited about Holi and the beginning of spring we wanted to share it with you. We’re therefore offering a 10% discount on all our furniture, starting Friday 25th of March!

    This is a good time for you to bring some new, exciting furniture into your home. How about a new dining table to gather all your friends and family around? Or a fire pit to keep you warm on the chilly spring evenings?

    All the products from Little Tree Furniture are handmade by our expert craftsmen. We only use reclaimed wood which previously have been used as doors, fishing boat timbers or structural timber to mention some. By using traditional carpentry methods, we retain the original colours and appearance of the wood, making each piece of furniture just a little bit different.

    If you would like to add a dash of colour to your home, our Mary Rose and Whiteleaf Ranges are perfect for you!

    Mary Rose Range

    Whiteleaf Range

    We hope you have a lovely springtime and that you get to enjoy it with friends and families.

    Happy Holi from all of us!