• DIY Lampshade

  • Although for many of us our school days are far behind us (perhaps further than we’d care to admit), the chances are that you’ll have at least a couple of old wooden rulers lying neglected in a drawer.

    At Little Tree Furniture we never like to waste wood and we love to use reclaimed materials, and upcycle them into something new as often as we can. So don’t leave old rulers to rot; use them to make a lampshade with an on-trend vintage look.

    You won’t need our team of skilled craftsmen on hand to make this lovely lampshade. Follow these simple steps and yours will more than measure up in the style stakes:

    • Measure the length of an old lampshade (suddenly all these rulers are coming in handy…) then make sure that the ruler pieces are just longer than the length of the shade.
    • To prevent the rulers from splitting use a coping saw or a hand saw with a fine blade and cut the rulers to size- make sure to check how many rulers you will need before you start- bare patches will spoil the effect.
    • Use fine sandpaper to soften the rough edges- this will look much neater and prevent any splinters!
    • Secure the end of the first ruler to the lampshade using masking tape and continue to place the others until the shade is covered.
    • If your rulers do not fit neatly around the shade you will need to adjust the spacing. Use a flat surface as a guide and keep the bottom ends as perpendicular as possible, but don’t worry too much; the rustic finish will add to the charm.
    • Unstick the bottom of each ruler while leaving the top end secured, and use a glue gun to place a strip of glue along the middle- don’t go too close to either edge or glue may ooze out.
    • Leave to dry for half an hour and your lampshade is ready to steal the limelight!