• Let's Celebrate World Fair Trade Day

  • You have probably heard of Fairtrade and the good work they and other fair trade organisations do to ensure better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers across the globe.

    Tomorrow, May 14th, we’re celebrating World Fair Trade Day. All around the world, thousands of people will be using this day to call for fairer terms of trade for small farmers and workers.


    Just as Fairtrade are working to improve the lives for farmers and workers and their communities, we at Little Tree Furniture care about supporting the community where we live and work. That is why we dedicate time, effort and resources to two causes we think are very important. Here in the UK we work with the Tree of Hope Children’s Charity, which funds specialist medical treatment for sick children. In India, we sponsor schools to ensure that the children there get a decent education. Our affiliation with these Indian schools ensure that the children are able to study in ways which we take for granted here in the UK. For example, we have purchased a generator for a school in Rajasthan to ensure that the school is able to continue to run lights and electricity for fans during the frequent power cuts. Temperatures are often over 45 degrees which can make studying unbearable without air circulation.

    This is from one of our visits to a school we work with.

    Here at Little Tree Furniture we try to implement all the little things that together make a difference. A great place is to start buying more Fairtrade produced food and products. There are over 4,500 products with the Fairtrade Mark so why not make sure that some of the products in your weekly shop like bananas, tea, coffee and chocolate (let’s admit it, it is part of our weekly shop) are Fairtrade? Just look for the Fairtrade Mark and pick a Fairtrade product next time you’re shopping.

    If you’re interested in reading more about Fairtrade, head this way.