• Let’s take you back to the beginning


    Travelling the world can open the door to a feeling of intense inspiration. It can give you ideas and encouragement to do something you never really thought you would do.

    This is how Little Tree Furniture was born. Exploring India allowed Neil Buckley-Jensen and his wife Aimee to discover the delights of the beautiful land, including the food, festivities, the people, and especially the furniture.

    Back in the UK Neil and Aimee bought an old house together in a sleepy sea-side town in East Sussex, but they found it hard to find furniture for their new home. The house they had bought was a beautiful, listed cottage. Tired of flat-packed, conventional furniture, they looked to India and was inspired by the style of furniture they had seen there.

    Neil traveled over to India again and brought back handmade, unique furniture for their home. Friends and family loved the exceptional furniture and wanted some for themselves. The seed of Little Tree Furniture was grown. Neil and Aimee decided to focus their attention on developing a business around furniture pieces that differed from the normal.

    During his frequent travels through India, Neil was impressed by the traditional joinery techniques he saw. The Little Tree Furniture carpentry yards have been specifically chosen due to their colonial tools and traditional woodworking methods, promoting authentic joinery techniques and the heritage behind British carpentry.

    All pieces from Little Tree Furniture are handmade, mainly from hardwood, using traditional carpentry techniques. This helps to maintain the authentic markings and features of the wood as well as reducing the waste levels and carbon footprint associated with the building process.

    Little Tree Furniture specialises in creating handmade, unique and individual furniture pieces from reclaimed materials. Its comprehensive and eclectic collection offers something for every interior style, from contemporary modern to rustic reclaimed. Putting love, effort and attention into each item, Little Tree Furniture takes pride in each piece so that you can too.

    Each beautiful piece is created from carefully selected materials from reclaimed and recycled resources, so the furniture will last for decades and help to sustain the environment. Bringing new life to old wood, Little Tree Furniture brings to life what most others would consider lost.

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