• Meet our Stockist: Arighi Bianchi


    The story of Arighi Bianchi started in 1854 when young Antonio Arighi arrived in Macclesfield after having travelled the long journey from Lake Como in Northern Italy, over the Alps and across central Europe.

    Mr. Arighi set up shop making clocks and barometers, lending them out to farmers on sale or return. Not long after, he was joined by Antonio Bianchi, a master craftsman and cabinetmaker from the same Italian village of Casnate. Together, the two Antonios set up Arighi Bianchi.

    Little Tree Furniture have been working with Arighi Bianchi since 2014, a partnership based on equal focus on quality and origin of the materials that go into each furniture piece, along with the desire to inspire and innovate.
    We are therefore proud to announce Arighi Bianchi as our first stockist with a full-on Little Tree Furniture gallery display in store.

    Photo: Fiona Bailey @ Arighi Bianchi

    The Little Tree Furniture space at Arighi Bianchi is bound to catch your eye from the moment you walk through the door. The walls are all cladded in colourful, rustic doors (like the ones that go into our furniture) and quirky features like a rickshaw on the wall and vintage metal suitcases stacked on top of each other. And of course, bringing it all together, is the furniture. Our beautiful, wooden furniture is cleverly matched with toned down, comfy looking leather sofas and cushions and throws in exotic patterns and textures.

    Photo: Fiona Bailey @ Arighi Bianchi

    Arighi Bianchi never fail to impress us. The way they continuously seek to put a smile on their customers’ face and make their shopping experience as good as possible is inspiring.

    We love how they have managed to capture the essence of Little Tree Furniture by displaying the doors in their raw, untouched form.  This helps people understand the journey these doors go through to be upcycled into our stunning furniture pieces. It gives you a true understanding of our furniture and why each item is exceptional. Every single piece of wood and materials that make up our furniture is unique in its own form, and we try to preserve as much of these original features as we possibly can.

    Photo: Fiona Bailey @ Arighi Bianchi

    If you live near Macclesfield or if you’re ever in the area, you should most definitely pay a visit to Arighi Bianchi.