• One of a Kind: Mahak Vintage School Day

  • One of a Kind: Mahak Vintage School Desk

    Sourced in India, the Mahak School Desk takes us straight back to the old days of school when things were done the old-fashioned way. The vintage school desk we found is in excellent condition and is made from wood and steel. It is of a traditional built, with a desk top and a bottom shelf for book storage. The desk top even has a groove for pencils at the top.

    The Mahak School Desk comes with an attached bench, as many mid-century school desks do. As we sourced this previously owned piece of furniture in India, it is difficult to say exactly how old the Desk and Bench is. Based on the features of the school desk and the original markings it carries, it can be anything from 50 to 150 years old.

    The Mahak Desk and Bench will be great as a vintage desk for children (or adults…) at home, or it can be used as an exclusive home décor item. It is well used and carries some characterful marks from its time of use. It is easy to imagine the amount of school children being sat at the desk over the years, each of them adding their personal mark to the furniture. The desk has now been replaced with a new piece of furniture, allowing us to bring back this vintage gem and give someone else the opportunity to treasure this furniture item.

    The Mahak School Desk and Bench is part of our One of a Kind range. This means that there is only one of these available, and we will not get it back in stock again. If you’re interested in this item, you can view the furniture on our website or contact us on info@littletreefurniture.co.uk for more information.