• One of a Kind: Priya Fortress Door

  • The beautiful Priya Reclaimed ‘Fortress Door’ is a vintage architectural door sourced in India. The Priya door is what is called a Haveli door. Haveli architecture represents a unique and beautiful form of design. Haveli can be translated to mean ‘mansion’ and doors such as this Priya door adorned the grand homes of ancient India.


    We don’t know exactly how old this Priya door is, but it is estimated to be between 100 – 200 years old. We have given this door the name “fortress door” as it reminds us of the splendid forts that could be found throughout ancient India. The forts were all decorated with intricate patterns, similar to the features of the Priya Door.

    Originally crafted by highly skilled artisans, the door still carries the original colour and markings from its grand time. This antique style door is meticulously handcrafted to exhibit timeless grace and lasting beauty.

    The Priya door is a One of a Kind piece, and currently the only door we have in stock. Let your imagination run free and bring this door into your home, either as a grand entrance or as a beautiful, original piece of art.

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