• One of a Kind: Quirky Lampshades

  • Take the trendy industrial style one step further with these adorable, quirky One of a Kind Lampshades. These old style shades are just one good example of all the treasures we find when travelling to India.

    We love the rustic, vintage look of these lampshades from our unique One of a Kind range.  Although they’re cool, you may be sitting there thinking about how to style them and how they will look in your home. Well, here’s a some examples of how we’ve used these retro shades and what you can do with them too!



    Combine the One of a Kind Lampshades with dark colours, leather sofas and textiles with fun, exotic patterns for a statement room. The lampshades add that little extra to the room and ties it all together nicely. If you think you recognise the dresser to the left, it is because this is also one of our One of a Kind products! Photo from our good friends at Barker and Stonehouse.


    Combine the rustic, retro lampshades with delicate whitewash furniture, like we have done here with our Whiteleaf Bedroom Range, to add a bit of uniqueness to your bedroom.

    Mix and match your cords

    There’s a whole world of cords out there, in all kinds of different colour and texture. The One of a Kind lampshades comes without a cord, allowing you to find the one that suits your style and home. Below is just a few that we like, there’s so many varieties out there it’s hard to pick a favourite…

    These trendy lampshades are very versatile, and would suit most homes and styles. As part of our One of a Kind Range, these lampshades are currently not available for purchase as the ones in the photo on the top have all been snapped up.

    But, watch this space, there might be more popping up there soon, as we’re loving these cool, old style shades.

    You can always drop us an email on info@littletreefurniture.co.uk or give us a call on 01424 734191 if you want to know more.