• Small Space Solutions


    We don’t know about you, but sometimes there just isn’t enough space to fill your home with everything you wish you could.

    To make this a bit easier for you, we’ve gathered some of our products that are great for small spaces.


    Rustica Upcycled Trunk Box

    small spaces                    

    The Rustica Upcycled Trunk Box has been handmade from recycled wood by our expert craftsmen. And don’t get fooled by its innocent looking size, this trunk box offers plenty of storage space! As the trunk box is made from reclaimed wood, it is sturdy enough to function as a sideboard or it can be used in the hallway as a place to put your shoes on. The possibilities are many with this Rustica Upcycled Trunk Box! It is made with quality and sustainability in mind, and it is important for us at Little Tree Furniture to make furniture that is both environmentally friendly and beautiful!

    View the Rustica Trunk Box here


    Mary Rose Upcycled 2 Drawer TV Unit


    Our Mary Rose Upcycled 2 Drawer TV Unit is one of the smallest TV Units we offer, but part from the size, we have not compromise on anything. This TV Unit is handmade from reclaimed wood, some of which has been sources from old fishing boat timbers and doors in India. We love the colourful timbers you can find in India, and have done our very best to preserve the original colouring and markings of the wood. This results in a truly unique piece of furniture! The Mary Rose Upcycled 2 Drawer TV Unit is brilliant for smaller homes and flats, as it does not take up a lot of space.

    View it here


    Hyatt Industrial Bakers Café Chair

    Do you need chairs for when friends and family are gathered but don’t have space to have them out at all times? If you don’t want to compromise style and comfort, but need some chairs you can easily stack and put away, our Hyatt Industrial Baker Café Chairs are just what you need! Handmade by our expert craftsmen and steel workers, these cool chairs are available in two colours: Vintage Off White and Vintage Black.

    View them here