• The story behind Little Tree Furniture


    Little Tree Furniture was born from a passion for wood and a wish to create unique furniture that were made to last and good for the environment.

    The idea behind it all started when owner Neil Buckley-Jensen and his wife Aimee bought a 19th century cottage. While renovating the beautiful, period property they realised they needed some unique, special furniture to suit the house. A former air steward, Neil had been travelling a lot to India on work. There he had come across amazing pieces of old colonial furniture. On one of his trips, Neil stayed in Goa for a while and was introduced to some guys working at a furniture manufacturing yard. He was amazed to see the traditional woodworking methods he knew from when his Grandad worked as a carpenter. The finished result were just as amazing as their methods of working, and so Neil and Aimee decided that this was the furniture they wanted in their newly renovated 19th century cottage. And so the seed was planted.

    Well home in the UK with their new furniture in place, friends and family showed a massive interest in the pieces and wanted to know where they could get some for themselves. Realising that most people were tired of mass produced furniture and on the look-out for something more special, Neil saw an opportunity to create a business focusing on furniture made from reclaimed materials.

    After countless trips to India, Neil secured a host of regular suppliers. The seed had turned into a shoot. From there on it has been some hectic years finding stockists all over the UK, setting up the website and selling furniture online. All while travelling to India, helping out in the manufacturing yards, getting hands-on in the creation of the furniture and designing new ranges. All the furniture is handmade from reclaimed materials and have been upcycled into stunning pieces of furniture. Some of the wood we use is from old fishing boats, other is from fortress doors or window shutters. In some cases the wood is over 150 years old, and it still bears the markings and colourings of its long life.

    Through his trips to India, Neil has become very close to the people manufacturing the furniture, and they are considered extensive family members. Little Tree Furniture is family focused, and we think it is important to give something back to the communities around where we work. That is why we are supporting local schools in India, and installing generators so that kids won’t miss out on learning.

    From the seed, the shoot and now into a tree, Little Tree Furniture still continue to grow as a business. We are actively working to introduce new, exciting ranges of furniture, so that there will be furniture pieces to suit any form of living.