• What is upcycled furniture?

  • The concept of upcycling seem to become more and more popular these days. Whereas the concept of downcycling involves converting products to produce new materials of lesser quality, upcycling does just the opposite.

    This produces less waste and also, by re-using something to make a product, you are decreasing the need for new raw materials and this can result in a reduction of air pollution, water pollution, energy usage and even greenhouse gas emissions. This has prompted a lot of people to delve deeper into the world of upcycling, specifically upcycled wooden furniture.

    When it comes to interior decorating and furnishing, everybody wants their home to be unique but in style with the current trends. The beauty of upcycled wooden items is that the wood used often still displays markings of paint or etchings of its previous life, whether it is reclaimed timber from a boat or recycled fortress doors which makes each item unique. Upcycling is a growing trend and there is no doubt that its ability to produce such unique pieces is one of the reasons why more and more people are trying it out. Popular television programmes like the Apprentice have mentioned upcycled furniture and have got more people talking about it and hopefully, trying it out for themselves and we know it has given inspiration to furniture companies to include upcycled products in their ranges, including us at Little Tree Furniture.

    Hyatt Industrial Dining Set

    Generally the most popular upcycled items to buy are tables, whether they are coffee, kitchen or dining tables. However styles vary and upcycled furniture is only limited by your imagination. At the moment, one of our most popular ranges is the Hyatt Industrial Range. In this range, you’ll find many items that are made completely out of melted down and re moulded steel. At Little Tree Furniture we like using different materials so that we can offer you a wide variety of furniture. There should be something for every taste and style!

    There are many resources available online that talk more about upcycling and upcycled furniture specifically. There are some useful blogs that share inspirational ideas on how to upcycle so many different things to create quirky and unique furniture pieces, from indoor to garden furniture and some great ideas for ornaments and decorations to keep the upcycled theme running through a whole room or even your whole house. If you would rather have all of the work done for you and still benefit from a unique piece, then check out our upcycled furniture ranges – all the benefits of upcycling with the convenience of free delivery to your door!