• World Wildlife Day

  • Today we’re celebrating World Wildlife Day. This is an international celebration of the many beautiful and varied fauna and flora across the globe, as well as an occasion to raise awareness on how we all can take action, and how the future of wildlife is in our hands.

    The theme of World Wildlife Day this year is “the future of wildlife is in our hands”, with particular focus on how each and every one of us can help to protect wildlife for future generations.

    We know it may seem like a big task to take on, but if we all take small steps and start with small acts, together we can actually achieve something great. Our collective conservation actions can be the difference between a species surviving or disappearing forever.

    At Little Tree Furniture we care a great deal about the environment, wildlife included. For example, we only use old woods and materials to create our furniture, so that no trees will be cut down, no wildlife threatened.

    But, we can always do more. That is why we wanted to focus on World Wildlife Day today. To help raise awareness around the conservation of Asian and African Elephants, which is the theme of this year’s World Wildlife Day.

    Help raise awareness of this important issue by spreading the message that the future of wildlife is #inourhands.

    If you would like to read more about World Wildlife Day, visit their websiteor follow @WildlifeDay on Twitter.