• Wood working with a conscience

    Corporate social responsibility

    Tree of HopeAt Little Tree Furniture we are concerned about the future and the protection of the environment.  In line with our policy of ‘wood working with a conscience’ a majority of our materials are reclaimed (recycled).  Not only does this protect nature and the growth of trees but it also ensures that our wood is well seasoned and conditioned which means the wood is fully dried out and will not crack or shrink.  In most cases the wood is well over 75 - 100 years old.  Any other wood that we acquire is from Government affiliated and monitored timber mills.  Our practices ensure that no trees have been illegally or unnecessarily felled.

    Little Tree Furniture fosters links between the UK and India.  Based in the UK we employ local qualified Carpenters and Polishers who benefit from international trade and thereby benefit the local economy.  We also apply fair trade principles to our international imports ensuring that all of our furniture items are made by highly skilled craftsmen who benefit personally from our business, which also helps their communities and their local economy.

    We also have a corporate social responsibility that we fulfil in both the UK and India.  As a family business we care about other individuals, for this reason we dedicate time, effort and resource to two causes close to our hearts:  Firstly we work with the ‘Tree of Hope’ children’s charity which is a UK charity based locally to us in Bexhill On Sea which funds specialist medical treatment for sick children.  Secondly we sponsor schools across India to ensure that young children get a guaranteed decent education.  Our affiliation with these Indian schools ensure that they are able to study in ways which we take for granted in the UK, for example Little Tree Furniture is soon to purchase a generator for a school in Rajasthan to ensure that the school is able to continue to run lights and electricity for fans during the frequent power cuts.   Temperatures are often over 45 degrees which can make studying unbearable without air circulation

    Our policy of ‘wood working with a conscience’ does not only apply to the wood that we use but also the people whose lives we touch both locally and internationally.