• Why buy from Little Tree?



    At Little Tree Furniture our customers are very important to us. Being a family run business, your enquiries will be answered and handled by one of our small and dedicated team. 

    We believe in investing in your home, that’s why we’ve designed and sourced ranges that are built to last and so stylish and different to the 'UK norm' you’ll want to show them off! Using mostly reclaimed hardwood and iron, we have an excellent collection of furniture for the home which is hand crafted by master craftsmen and solidly built. Our collection is incredibly versatile - whether you prefer to stick within a range or create a bold personalised identity for your home mixing and matching items, Little Tree Furniture has plenty to offer.

    As well as using as much reclaimed and sustainable wood as we can, we also work with local and overseas charities. We care as much for the planet as we do for the people in it. We hope you enjoy Little Tree Furniture as much as we do.


    The Little Tree Team


  • Why buy from Little Tree